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 Children's Home Updates 
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SOT Building New Philippines Orphanage
Sons of Thunder will be taking on its third orphanage project, as we build a new home near Manila to rescue abandoned children. Construction begins this year outside the Wawa garbage dump More ...
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Mumbai Orphanage gets Major Renovations
Due to the intense nature of the Indian rainy season and surrounding wetlands, the home needed an exhaustive series of repairs: fresh plaster, paint and various patch-ups were needed to the ground floor children’s rooms, ceilings and bathrooms along with More ...
Sons of Thunder
New Bus for Children's Home
Thanks to the generous contribution of supporters we are excited to announce that we have purchased a brand new bus for our Mumbai Children's Home! Fo years the children had been outgrowing our existing vehicles More ...
Second Home to Rescue Orphan Children
Sons of Thunder is now operating another home for orphaned children in the nation of India. Over the past few months, we have expanded our ministry operations to the city of Velicheru near Rajahmundry on the east coast. More ...
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More Children at India Orphanage Expansion
We took another trip to see our recent expansion at the Mumbai Children's Home and we are already starting to take in more kids. Some of which were being raised in brothels - some of whose parents have died of AIDS More ...
Children's Home Doubles in Size
Project Overview
Directors Joshua and Ranjana Immanuel
The Call to the Poor

 Releasing the Spirit of Adoption!

Here at Sons of Thunder, we are committed to spreading the uncontainable, inexhaustible love of Jesus to the ends of the earth! Join with us as we rescue the poorest of the poor in the nation of India through our Sons of Thunder Children's Home. Our efforts in India are continually expanding, and you can find out more about our Children's Home by reading the articles on this page.


Join us as partners in harvest by sowing into the lives of the fatherless, as we release the Father's love to these little ones!